Make your YPO/WPO Forum Retreat different.
Make it count.



“Fun and extremely valuable”

As a YPO/WPO member for 10 years, I know that YPO/WPO Forum Retreats can go far beyond simple networking and business basics. In fact, retreats can spark profound personal growth and life-changing insights – particularly when guided by a capable facilitator. These insights fuel your life, your personal relationships, and your business.

Let’s think about your retreat. Let’s do something different!

What do you and your Forum members really want to achieve? What are your personal challenges? What would make you happy?

The key? Get personal. Go deep. Make it a meaningful experience.

As a YPO/WPO Certified Forum Facilitator and certified coach, I can guide your Forum to go deep on topics like these:

  • Face your fear
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Reenergize your relationship with your business
  • Spark your relationships with your spouse and kids
  • What does happiness look like for you? How to create more happiness in your life
  • View the video for more ideas!

I invite you to call me. Let’s brainstorm ideas for your YPO/WPO Forum.
(787) 919-7485