Jofi Baldrich inspires audiences to “turn off cruise control,” take action, and be truly happy

Lighthearted and fun, while grounded with real-world insight and advice. As a certified coach and YPO/WPO Certified Forum Facilitator, Jofi’s presentations are uplifting and engaging.

Plus, Jofi brings honest insights from his personal experience to “turn off cruise control,” his depth of real-world business experience, and his parenting experience of raising teenagers!

Jofi’s presentations hit the mark! Topics include:

  • Focus on what works to make every day count™ (Learn more – watch the video!)
  • For teens and young adults: Find the path that’s true for you
  • Turn off cruise control: Find meaning in your life to be happy and engaged
  • Discover, write, and live your personal credo
  • Work/life balance: How to master the juggling act!
  • Customized presentations for your group – Call Jofi to brainstorm!

Jofi presents to groups around the world, often with the Young Presidents’ Organization. While he speaks on a variety of topics, all support this key message: “What small step can you take today to live a happier, more meaningful life?”

Call Jofi – make your event valuable and memorable!
(787) 919-7485