Biography: Jofi Baldrich

Coach – Speaker – Author
YPO/WPO Certified Forum Facilitator

A certified coach, facilitator, professional speaker, and author, Jofi Baldrich coaches and speaks around the world, often with the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Previously an executive in the insurance industry, Jofi specializes in coaching teens and young adults to discover the path that’s true for them. Plus, he guides successful adults to answer life’s nagging questions, such as “What’s Next? What’s missing?” The goal is find purpose and meaning in your life, so you can be truly, authentically happy.

However, for most of his life, Jofi glided through life as if on cruise control. After selling the family business, he faced these daunting questions: “What’s next? What’s my purpose? What makes me happy?”

Pursuing the answers to these questions led Jofi down a winding path, both challenging and rewarding! His personal journey reaped many insights – and fueled his desire to help others. In particular, he enjoys guiding teens and young adults to discover their individuality and choose their own path – the path that’s true for them. The goal is for the entire family to achieve harmony and be truly, authentically happy.

“When people take a close look at their lives, they realize they’re not truly happy, even if they appear to have a ‘perfect’ life,” Jofi explains. “They describe this as feeling lost or being adrift. In my case, I was living on cruise control! On my journey of self-discovery, I learned that helping others makes me happy. That’s why I have dedicated my career to guiding people to create a happy, meaningful life. I was able to make this change, and they can too! When you have clear goals, a purpose, and a direction, you wake up every morning, excited and happy!”

What makes Jofi happy? Spending time and having fun with his wife Greta and their three kids – Maria Teresa, Ana Paulina, and José Fernando – at the beach, traveling, or eating dinner together every single night, after sports and dance practices. The family lives and plays in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Learn more at