Unwritten: A Story of Discovering How to Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life


Join a journey to find answers to the vital questions in our lives.

While pondering the next step in his career, Jofi Baldrich focused on this question: “What would make me happy?” Spurred by an intense desire to find the answer, Jofi set off on a personal journey to find himself – at times, defying social conventions!

On his path, Jofi discovered what makes him happy (his family and helping others), which paved the way to set life goals – and get up every morning with meaning, purpose, and direction. Now, as a certified coach, Jofi guides others to find the path that’s true for them.

Think about the life YOU are living.

In this book, Jofi encourages you to ask yourself:

  • “Am I living on cruise control?”
  • “What do I really want?”
  • “What makes me happy?”
  • “How can I live a happier, more meaningful life?”

Join Jofi on his journey to live authentically and discover “my happy self.” Reading this book may be the first step on your path to find “your happy self.”

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